A Secure & Trusted Crypto-Wallet

Crystal Wallet is aiming to connect the way between blockchain technology and community with a simple, secure and powerful digital asset management application.

We have expanded our outreach to millions of users from a large number of countries with the target of becoming the world’s largest cryptocurrency wallet.

Multi-chain support along with robust tokens management allow blockchain technology to integrate with your life seamlessly.

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Multi-coin Support

Managing your assets easily with our storing function allowing users to govern thousands of cryptocurrencies



We affirm that all your data shall be kept private and any third parties can not access to this information.


Swift Exchange

Easily swapping tokens in our e-wallet with high efficiency and protected exchanging wisdom.

Multi-chain Compatible

Sufficient assistance for every tokens on all network.


Your private key is shielded & handled personally by many layers of security.

Ease Of Creation

Generate a wallet for your tokens in one click.

Crystal Token (CRT)

Crystal Token (CRT) is designed as a utility token that plays various important roles in the Crystal Ecosystem. The token’s main purpose is to incentivise users to partake in the ecosystem. It includes incentives such as unified transaction fee and yields. Besides, CRT is also armed with governance right in the Ecosystem, giving its holders more say in the operations and developments of the Crystal Ecosystem.



Crystal Technology strives to push for the mass adoption of decentralised finance and crypto assets. Crystal Wallet, a multi-chain asset management application, allows users to store 100K+ crypto assets and to transact them instantly via Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes). However, existing DEXes typically operate on a single blockchain platform, and allow atomic swap of two tokens with the same standard.

Going beyond standard DEXes, Crystal Technology aims to build an Inter-Blockchain DEX (IBDEX) which connects otherwise isolated blockchain platforms. Crystal’s IBDEX will be the first of its kind, enabling an atomic swap of two tokens that inhabit two different tokens instantly at blockchain’s speed.

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